Asbestos Surveys:


Type 1

A presumptive survey for areas with minimal
occupation and on going maintenance.

Type 2

The most common of all. A non-destructive sampling
survey of normally accessible areas in the workplace

Type 3

Pre-refurbishment/demolition survey. As type 2, only
destructive by nature, gaining access to all areas.
This survey type is designed to be used as a basis
for tendering for the removal of Asbestos from the
building prior to demolition/refurbishment

in complying with the new duty

Stage 1

We will carry out a survey using our surveyors all of whom are trained to a minimum of P402 (BIOH) certification

Stage 2

Our surveys are carried out in full accordance with the HSE guidance as given in the MDHS100 notes

Stage 3

On completion, your survey will include a full colour report including CAD style drawings of sample locations and an updatable database, which can be used as a site register for Asbestos containing materials and will form the basis for your duty to manage Asbestos in compliance with the new regulations

Stage 4

We can enable our clients to manage or remove and keep accurate on-going records of asbestos in their buildings


attractive tax incentives for
expenditure incured by companies in treating land and buildings contaminated by Asbestos. These are:

. tax relief at the rate of 150% of the expenditure. Assuming a corporation rate of 30%, effectively up to 45% of the expenditure can be mitigated through tax relief
. if making a loss, a company may be entitled to a tax refund of upto 24% in lieu of the relief

The relief is not restricted to removal, for example encapsulation is allowable. Please note that the above reliefs are not available if the company or any connected party caused the contamination in the first place.

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